Go2Africa, a comprehensive travel service and online travel guide for Africa and Indian Ocean Islands, recently installed Mimecast Unified E-mail Management.

Go2Africa services the international travel market and therefore all transactions from enquiries to confirmations take place over e-mail. The challenge was that e-mail, unless there is adequate archiving, search and reporting, is not a foolproof communication system.
“Mimecast seemed most fitting for Go2Africa’s extensive and varied requirements, including archiving, folder replication, attachment management and guaranteed uptime for 85 very busy e-mail addresses,” says Paul Malherbe, IT administrator for Go2Africa.
“We send at least two Gigs of external mail a day, and used to deal with he-said-she-said client and staff queries a lot, which leads to the IT department going on hold as we look around for e-mails sent weeks and months ago. Additionally, we used to have to deal with time consuming enquires from clients trying to send us PDF documentation which is too big to get to us, for example a 15Mb PDF copy of their passport.”
With Mimecast’s attachment stripping technology, large files are stripped from the individual e-mail messages and kept in the cloud. The recipient of the mail can then choose if and when to download the file by clicking on a link in the e-mail.
Mimecast Services for Exchange (MSE) is a comprehensive SaaS 2.0 suite of services, which helps IT administrators manage mailbox sizes and replicate Outlook personal folder structures.
“The MSE permits for integration between Mimecast’s cloud based service and a customer’s on-site Exchange infrastructure, allowing our customers to benefit from the functionality available on the Mimecast platform within their own environment over a secure Internet based communication channel,” explains Heino Gevers, pre-sales engineer for Mimecast South Africa.
In technical terms, Mimecast seamlessly augmented Exchange with additional functionality and a security layer.
In human terms, “I spend less time searching for e-mails to sort out disputes, less time talking would-be holiday makers though the basics of scanning images to smaller documents and much less time filtering though quarantine folders,” concludes Malherbe.