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Westcon Security – Biodata is pleased to announce that it has received the award as the EMEA Kaspersky Emerging Markets Best Enterprise Partner for the year 2011.

The announcement was made at the recent Kaspersky EMEA global partner conference, held in Cape Town last week, and recognises the sales and technical efforts of the Westcon Security – Biodata team over the last year.
“This award is a great achievement for our team, as it not only positions us above local competitors, but it also places us in the global spotlight as a serious contender in the corporate security market,” says Jan De Lange, MD of Weston Security – Biodata.
“In addition, receiving this accolade adds impetus to the work we have done in promoting and growing the Kaspersky brand throughout South Africa, by way of marketing, support, as well as channel and technical services and development.”
Each year Kaspersky recognises partners for their services to the channel, as well as their investment and growth in technical and support services. The award positions Westcon Security – Biodata and the Kaspersky solution lines as a security leader in the South African enterprise and corporate markets.
In addition, according to De Lange, the 40% year on year growth currently experienced by Kaspersky places Westcon Security in a unique position to provide the corporate market with products that are not only of a global standard, but that are also starting to lead the way in innovation in the security sphere.
“With the acquisition by Westcon of Biodata last year and the formation of Westcon Security, we have received phenomenal marketing and infrastructure support from the group, that has enabled us to roll out global plans locally,” states De Lange.
“I believe it is this very commitment that our customers are evidencing that has been the turning point to our business and the resultant factor to us winning this award.”
Looking ahead, De Lange says he believes the biggest growth in the local security market will come from end-point protection and encryption solutions, and to date Kaspersky remains the global leaders in end-point technologies.
“Security can never be viewed as a single technology pillar in your business; it must be an all-encompassing process that is evasive throughout the organisation and is taken into consideration with every business and technology decision,” concludes De Lange.