The Sage Group, a leading global supplier of business management software and related products and services, announced its interim results on 4 May 2011 with a reported 13% revenue growth in the AAMEA (Africa, Australia, Middle East Asia) region, while Europe – its largest region – delivered growth of five percent.

The newly established AAMEA region is headed up by Ivan Epstein, the co-founder and  CEO of Softline, which is part of the Sage Group.
Epstein says he is pleased with the results. “I am delighted that the AAMEA region in particular attracted positive attention as the region showing continued strong growth within the Sage Group. The entire AAMEA region has performed exceptionally well in the last six months, especially the Asian team who more recently joined our ranks and delivered a strong performance.”
During a recent organisational change, the Sage Group was structured into three regions: Europe, North America and AAMEA. “There is so much opportunity for growth and development in South East Asia, India and China, and I am confident that Sage is well positioned to leave a lasting footprint in the region,” says Epstein.
Total revenue in AAMEA for the half year grew by 13% to £70,3-million (R770-million) from £62,1-million in 2010. “South Africa showed organic revenue growth of 15%, with both accounting and payroll solutions performing well. Sales into the broader African continent have continued to grow well and remain a good future opportunity.”
Together, the Middle East and Asian businesses grew by 11% with a particularly strong performance in Singapore.
The fact that Africa, Australia, the Middle-East and Asia are recognised as a region sets the tone for major growth and development in the global market for the Sage Group. “We are hard at work with our targets set even higher for the full financial term,” concludes Epstein.