Uglii has announced the global launch of its online business discovery systems – Uglii Find and Uglii Brands.  These web-based systems deliver free online discoverability to every business in every country.

Uglii combines an encyclopedia of 700 000 product and service definitions with proprietary spatial search technology to deliver structured information to businesses and consumers.
“The traditional marketing approaches for businesses, including online directories and search engine advertising and optimisation, require significant resources of capital, know-how and management.  Most businesses in all economies simply do not have these resources,” says John Knorr, CEO and Founder of Uglii.
“With Uglii, businesses can establish an online presence for free and enhance their listing by buying affordable add-on services if they choose.  Uglii provides businesses with direct control and responsibility for their Uglii business information.  We believe that Uglii represents a new era for business discovery online.”
Every business that registers with Uglii receives free discovery on the Uglii Find map and a unique Uglii Global Business Number, which can be used independently of Uglii as a business identifier.
Uglii Brands system allows brand owning businesses to list their brands under relevant products or services in the Uglii encyclopedia in their economy. Brands list on a first come first served basis.  Early listing brands retain their top or high position in their list as long as they pay their annual $10 listing fee.  “All businesses that have ever listed in a directory know how commercially important it is to be at the top of the list,” said Knorr.
Uglii offers more than 40 value adding services, which enable registered businesses to enhance their local, national and global marketing. One add-on service allows a registered business to include a direct link from its Uglii Dot representing its business on a mapping system to its own website for US$250 or EURO186 per year, or less in developing economies.  Uglii registered businesses manage their discovery information via a personalised control panel.
The Uglii system provides a variety of free and special services to help governments improve service delivery and access to information.  In June, Uglii will launch facilities that allow governments to list the legislation and regulations that affect individual products and services in their country.
“There are measurable economic benefits from efficient and comprehensive discoverability of business and government information including increased efficiency within an economy, stronger export performance and reduction of corruption,” says Knorr.  “Uglii has new processes for organising business information to stimulate economic and trade activity and business transparency and competition.”
Uglii has a three level partnership structure of global partners, national partners and affiliates.  Their role is to engage businesses around the world in return for a generous share of Uglii revenue.
“Uglii, as a small intellectual property company, has a limited number of business relationships. We have therefore designed a marketing model that provides global reach and scale,” continued Knorr.  “We refer to our partners as the Uglii Coalition – they are a group of organisations that want to help all businesses grow.”
“Businesses have various motives for becoming partners including: their own profit; economic development of their country, district, town or industry; and strengthening their customer relationships.  Some partners have all of these motivations.”
“Fairness is a central value for Uglii,” adds Knorr.  “Our model is very open and transparent; we’re focused on the delivery of value to every stakeholder whether they are an end user, a small business, a multi-national brand or a global partner.”
Uglii is currently focused on partner recruitment and business registrations.
The Uglii system includes Uglii Find and Uglii Brands, at the time of launch.  Uglii will roll out additional systems during 2011 including: Uglii Site Cadet – a web site development toolset for small businesses; Uglii Classified Ads; and Uglii Marketplace – two systems for facilitating B2B and B2C transactions and trade globally.
Currenlty, Uglii Find works in 13 languages, while Uglii Brands operates in English only.  Uglii is progressively adding languages.