Jabra, a world leader in developing innovative hands-free solutions, has announced the expansion of its portfolio of products designed to offer a hands free VoIP solution for all of life’s situations – from the dorm room to the board room.

Locally, Jabra recently launched two new products that enable multi-tasking through a simple plug and play installation process. The introduction of these new products contribute to Jabra’s existing wide portfolio of VoIP-certified products on the market, providing consumers with access to headsets or speakerphones to accommodate for the necessary mobility within their lifestyles.
The rapid growth of the VoIP calling industry – Skype, alone, has more than 560-million registered users worldwide – has fueled demand for better headset and speakerphone solutions with top-of-the-line sound quality and features.
Jabra is stepping up to the challenge, placing a strong emphasis on its line of VoIP-optimised products as communication trends indicate that consumers are turning to laptops, mobile devices, tablets and PCs to make majority of their calls.
Says Louis Yssel, CEO of Scientific Communications (SciCOM), “Jabra’s VoIP certified headsets are certainly a non-negotiable in an enterprise environment where mobility is a business critical aspect and where staff are able to easily connect their headset device with other business tools simultaneously – increasing productivity and as a result, return on investment.”
The new portfolio of products includes:
* The Jabra EXTREME – FOR PC is the first product released from this VoIP-optimised suite comes with a pre-paired USB adapter that automatically connects to a PC, and Skype software for the simplest plug and play experience to date. The EXTREME also makes poor quality calls a distant memory and can simultaneously be paired to both a PC and a mobile phone.
Designed for the true road-warrior who refuses to sacrifice on sound quality, the headset has been described by a Skype test engineer as “the best sounding/performing Bluetooth headset my team has put through our test laboratories”. These multi-use products can take both Internet and mobile phone calls seamlessly and clearly.
* The Jabra SPEAK410 – FOR PC is a USB-powered speakerphone that brings the convenience of instant speakerphone calls anywhere, using Skype. The Jabra SPEAK410 – FOR PC is a plug and play voice-conferencing solution that requires no additional set-up and comes with a mobile carrying case, allowing users to set up a mobile conference room in a matter of seconds.
The product also features music playback capabilities so users can enjoy their favorite tunes while waiting for a VoIP conference call to begin.
* The Jabra CHILL – FOR PC corded headset ensures that Jabra has a VoIP-solution for everyone, as all of Jabra’s VoIP certified products provide crystal-clear sound quality so that even long-distance callers sound as though they’re in the same room.