Technology investment plays a vital role in the modern business world, and computers are an essential part of doing business. Yet this investment can put strain on the budgets of many businesses, both large and small. In order to help customers maximise their investment and users increase their enjoyment and productivity, HP offers "Attach".

"Attach has been around for quite some time and originated within HP. It is a term used to refer to any number of accessories and additional equipment that can be added on to a purchase of an HP notebook for a small additional investment, to enhance functionality," says Deon Botha, HP PSG business unit manager at Drive Control Corporation (DCC).
"The way in which people use their machines is a highly individual thing, and HP Attach allows any user to enhance and personalise their experience by attaching accessories and technology that ultimately add value to their lives.
"HP has a broad spectrum of accessories that have been designed to work harmoniously with HP notebooks, so when customers 'attach' products to their purchase they are assured of complete compatibility and enhanced usability.
"Customers can basically buy flexibility along with their technology investment, as well as improve convenience, usability and productivity with a range of devices," says Botha.
Some of the options available through Attach include external LCD monitors, extended life batteries, privacy filter screens for use when working with sensitive data, external keyboards and mouses, docking station, all-in-one chargers that can be used as AC, car and aeroplane chargers, travel adaptors, upgraded RAM modules, external hard drives, external DVD writers, external webcams for video and teleconferencing, Kensington locks for added security and extended warranties.
"These accessories are useful in a variety of scenarios. For example, corporate executives can 'attach' a pair of docking stations to their purchase and install these at their office and at home. This means that when shifting working environments all they need to do is lift their machine out of one docking station and plug it into another, which will automatically connect it to external power, printers, mouse, keyboard and  network," Botha explains.
"Attach is all about adding value, allowing users to add on accessories that appeal to their individual lifestyle and delivering large benefits for small additional investments. It also appeals to the consumer need to customise their technology to suit them, and can extend functionality to make the investment stretch to become more pocket friendly over a longer period of time," he concludes.
HP notebooks and Attach accessories are available from distributors DCC.