MWeb has become the first Internet service provider (ISP) to upgrade users from 512kbps to 1mbps at no additional monthly charge.

MWeb CEO Rudi Jansen says the new 1Mbps rates will automatically take effect on 1 June 2011.
MWeb was also the first ISP to offer uncapped Internet. “It is important that we follow this mantra of ‘free the Web’ and keep on innovating and ensuring our products evolve as the South African landscape changes,” says Jansen.
The new 1Mbps uncapped product is a reaction to recent network upgrades from the Telkom-controlled Internet infrastructure in South Africa.
Existing and new subscribers will have the benefit of up to 1Mbps Uncapped ADSL at the following prices:
* Uncapped Data-only 1Mbps ADSL will retail for only R299 per month; and
* Uncapped All-inclusive 1Mbps ADSL (with ADSL line rental) will retail for R599 per month.
Any subscribers that have in the past month signed up for the MWeb 1Mbps products will see a reduction in their subscription from 1 June to the new rates.  Existing 512kbps customers will automatically be migrated to the new product at the same monthly cost.
Jansen says MWeb’s objective with the upgrade is to give customers a richer experience of the Web, as the 1Mbps product offers a great mix of speed, stability and affordability.
“At no extra cost, customers can have a much better experience with smooth video, voice over IP and everything else the Web has to offer. We want to encourage people to get the best out of their connectivity and explore the true wonders of the Internet.”
In addition to the jump in performance and experience, MWEB’s 1Mbps product also offers the following value-add services:
* 300 WiFi minutes – free to use at popular hotspots;
* E-mail filter – MWeb automatically protects against any recognised junk mail and viruses sent via e-mail, without the headache of setting it up;
* AVG Internet security – for only R15 per month which is more than 50% cheaper than if purchased direct;
* Protected access – keeping ADSL connections safe from bandwidth theft and account abuse by blocking unsolicited incoming connections to network ports commonly used by hackers; and
* Virus filter – cleaning e-mails of recognised malware.