PC-Ware South Africa, has signed an exclusive partnership agreement with Business Connexion that will see both companies extending collaboration activities in South Africa and the rest of Africa.

In terms of the agreement, Business Connexion will act as the operational fulfillment engine for PC-Ware, which will continue focusing on the sales and client engagements across shared clients.
From an international perspective, PC-Ware will deliver the operational fulfillment activities for Business Connexion’s clients enjoying global footprints. Internationally, PC-Ware is a leading manufacturer of independent ICT solutions, including software licensing, consulting on licensing agreements and software & IT asset management.
Willie Ackerman, GM: services integration & workspace, at Business Connexion, says it is a “joint teaming agreement” which allows the two companies to leverage the non-competitive service offerings provided by both companies, as well as providing additional expertise to respective clients in South Africa and the rest of Africa.
“The agreement allows PC-Ware to on-sell Business Connexion’s license services to their clients, as well as provides PC-Ware access to its online and hosted services – also for the benefit of their clients,” adds John Jenkins, chief executive: services at Business Connexion.
Additionally, because PC-Ware is a Global Large Account Reseller (LAR) and an Enterprise Software Advisor (ESA), this enables Business Connexion to service its clients with a global footprint – and to “build on the existing relationship with PC-Ware in the UK”.
Annette Muller, GM at PC-Ware, says the new partnership allows PC-Ware to offer enhanced service offerings to its client base. “Business Connexion and PC-Ware have a strong international relationship – so this step was a natural progression.
“Generally speaking, international companies that are locally based prefer to deal with companies that have an international footprint themselves as this provides for better continuity and ensures, at the end of the day, that there is essentially one supplier. As a licensed specialist, we believe this partnership will provide us with the best offerings for our current and potential clients.”