Yesterday’s Skype outage, which affected users around the world, is under control – although there are still some customers unable to sign in.

Although most users were able to use a fix that the company rushed on to its web site yesterday, a small number of users – costly those on the Mac platform – are still incommunicado.
Skype’s official comment yesterday, on Peter Parkes’ blog, reads: “Earlier today, a corruption occurred in a small percentage of users' systems that resulted in some of our community not being able to sign in to Skype.  We issued some instructions which would allow you to get back online, but understand that they're fairly technical, and have been working hard to produce a version of Skype for Windows which fixes this problem automatically.
“If you're using Skype for Windows, and have experienced problems logging in, please update Skype to the latest version now.
“We plan to release an update to Skype for Mac tomorrow.”
Users running Skype on their mobile, TV or other device, weren’t affected by the problem, and should be able to sign in as normal.