Giancarlo Fenderico has been appointed the strategic partner manager for T-Systems South Africa – an appointment that represents the company taking a more strategic, focused and aligned approach to its partner model in the country.

Fenderico will in the next two months embark on a fact-finding mission, liaising with all stakeholders and partners to ascertain their immediate expectations and how T-Systems can address these – be it larger issues or smaller, daily challenges.
“Together with my team, we are going to work very hard to develop an overarching model that ensures we establish partnerships that are not only mutually beneficial, but also deliver true value to our customers.
“Indeed, we would like to establish a ‘One Portfolio’, which mirrors our global approach to partners, that effectively marries marketing, legal and accounts management in one cohesive unit,” he explains.
Fenderico says that there will be an increasing focus on governance models to ensure that all processes are ethical and transparent.
“We will ensure that our partners know exactly how they fit into our model – it will be a clearly defined tiered process. Furthermore, there will be very clear rules of engagement backed by solid business plans going forward. Again, this underscores are need for a strong level of transparency.”
Before joining T-Systems at the beginning of 2011, Fenderico was responsible for establishing and running the SAP best practices and business at Siemens SA.  His career also includes a tenure at KPMG in the US, and Germany, again specialising in the SAP environment.
“This role will provide me with the opportunity to marry my people skills with my strong understanding of technology,” he concludes.