Vox Telepreneur has announced reductions in ADSL prices as well as a wide choice of line sizes and bandwidth qualities to customers along with free bandwidth every month for new and existing customers.

Vox Telepreneur is offering 2Gb a month of free data to all new and existing subscribers who have their ADSL lines with Vox. Those who keep their ADSL lines with any other service provider and buy data only from Vox will get 1Gb a month free.
“We’re giving away free data to all our usage-based subscribers, without any contractual obligations, and regardless of what line speed or data quality they choose,” says Vox Telepreneur’s Brad Gatter.
Vox is also offering voice-friendly uncapped options. With uncapped data users can download as much as they like, but have to share their bandwidth, which leads to irregularities in the service which can impact when supporting voice products. Vox’s voice-friendly solutions are designed to work with the Vox Voice Network and ensure a quality user experience.