A rocky BEE verification process can be both frustrating and disheartening for companies undergoing this legislative requirement.

EconoBEE will be presenting three “Prepare for Verification” Conferences during the month of July, in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg, providing business managers and owners with vital information that will ensure that one is able to maximise one’s BEE points, avoid unnecessary delays during the verification process and ultimately take control of the verification process to ensure a correct result every time.
Keith Levenstein, conference facilitator and CEO of EconoBEE offers the following five tips to assist evaluated companies through their verification process:
* Prepare for verification: Know what to expect and what will be expected of you by empowering yourself through training workshops on verification; or speak to your consultant to ensure you are thoroughly prepared.
* Know your points before hand: Calculate your points on the scorecard before you approach a verification agency.
* Provide the data you want verified: Ensure all the relevant documentation to substantiate the claims on your BEE scorecard is available for the verification agency to scrutinise at the commencement of the process.
* Consult regarding interpretation of the codes of good practice: If you feel any of the codes are being interpreted incorrectly; do not hesitate to call in a consultant to clarify the matter as this could be the difference between a compliance and non-compliance.
* Appeal if you feel there has been an error: The verification agency’s decision is not final; one is allowed to appeal within a reasonable period around any issues that you feel have not been handled correctly.  A BEE consultancy would be able to assist in this regard.
“Verification could be a pleasure or a huge distraction.  Our conferences aim to prepare you sufficiently to ensure that your BEE verification does not become the bane of your administration,” says Levenstein.