Computex, Taiwan – Looking to offer resellers an alternative revenue stream, Rectron has officially announced that it has signed a distribution agreement for AOpen's range of digital signage.

AOpen is considered one of the world's leaders in digital signange, dominating its home market of Taiwan and making significant inroads into the US and Europe over the past few years.
Mark Lu, CEO of Rectron, says the products will be formally launched in South Africa in August and that they will offer resellers a profitable alternative as they struggle to survive in the current economic environment.
"During these tough economic conditions, I sincerely hope that resellers will move away from 'box-dropping' and fighting over commodity business," Lu says. "This agreement with AOpen offers an alternative to them as the world moves towards display-centric business. There are so many opportunities in this new business for resellers – conceptualisation, installation, content management, maintenance and support."
Lu says that Rectron, over the coming months, will roll out a dedicated business-to-business team nationwide to ensure the channel is fully supported in this sphere of business.
"Using our knowledge in platform configuration, infrastructure, networking and solution provision, we are looking to establish a dedicated team of professionals to support resellers in this market sector," he says. "The opportunities in digital signage are immense and it could create a brand-new paradigm for the entire reseller community in South Africa."
At present, AOpen's digital signage is also distributed in the country by Mustek, but AOpen CEO Bernie Tsai says there will be no conflict of interests with the signing of Rectron.
He refers to what he calls his "Flying Geese Team Model".
"Wild geese fly in formation for thousands of miles and, as one leader of the flock tires another takes over," Tsai explains. "In today's business, it is all about alliances and working together – like wild geese. Where one company compliments another and helps in areas where they are stronger. In the end, it is all about the good of the flock."
Tsai will be in South Africa for the official launch in August and will headline a channel roadshow planned for Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg.