Software AG has announced the acquisition of UK based Metismo at its ProcessWorld 2011 event in Berlin. Metismo provides an extremely flexible and multi-functional platform for the development of device independent mobile apps.

It enables the design and development of applications and automatic transformation into different mobile device formats. In addition, data from mobile devices such as GPS, audio and video can be integrated within in-house business applications.
On the one hand, established business processes can react to external mobile information in real-time and on the other, they can be managed and controlled from anywhere. This comprehensive integration will lead to the total “mobile office”, independent of place and time. The availability of process-driven mobile applications is a major step towards the fully, real-time “digital enterprise”.
Metismo was founded in July 2007 and has its headquarters in Hampshire in the UK. The company’s write once, run anywhere software platform for the development of mobile applications converts Java source code to native source code for different mobile devices.
Business applications are generated easily that run on all common mobile operating systems. This leads to a drastic reduction in development time of mobile apps. Metismo’s technology is used in millions of units sold via Apple AppStore, Google Marketplace, Nokia Ovi, BlackBerry App World and operator portals.
“This is a key technology in enabling the fully digital enterprise,” says software chief technology officer, Wolfram Jost.
“This transformation to the digital enterprise will be the major business challenge of the next decade. Companies have to react to rapidly changing markets and new market entrants. It is through real-time business information, management and control, from anywhere that they will be able to react fast enough to gain real competitive advantage.”
A perfect example of the structural changes through mobile applications is emerging “mobile payments”, forecast to reach over a trillion dollars in the next three years. The accompanying revolution in payment systems will require new, creative business models from banks, mobile operators and retailers, that must quickly react to changed business rules.
“The combination of Software AG and Metismo will provide enormous value to customers of both companies through a unique process driven approach to mobile application and a unique rapid development approach across multiple devices,” says John Chasey, CEO at Metismo.
“I am looking forward to the opportunity both myself and my team will have through Software AG’s global R&D organisation and sales structure.”
The acquisition of Metismo will further extend Software AG’s market leadership in business process excellence and enhances the company recently announced acquisition of US software vendor Terracotta. The latter forms, with its in-memory technology, the basis of Software AG’s  cloud offerings.
The portfolio enhancement, in combination with the CEP-technology for complex event processing, offers a high benefit to Software AG customers.
They can re-use their existing IT applications with limits, everywhere and at the same time profit from a unique level of system performance: with this most advanced technology solution available for analysing vast amounts of data more efficiently and cost-effectively, anywhere and from any device.
This new Software AG offering provides critical information in real-time, higher transparency and better control of their business processes and operations.
“The emergence of new mobile Internet technologies and devices is rapidly transforming enterprise computing,” says Matt Green, VP of product management at Software AG, responsible for group mobile strategy.
“The Metismo technology solves the complex issue of cross-platform mobile access to the enterprise, providing our customers and partners with a state-of-the-art solution and launch-pad for unparalleled mobile productivity.”