Stratus Technologies, the industry leader for uptime assurance, has signed a partnership agreement with Fintech Kenya that will see Stratus’s representation in the East Africa region increase significantly.

Fintech offers custom-built IT solutions to the financial and business sectors in Africa, and will now add the Stratus’s uptime assurance portfolio to its mix.
“We were looking for a solution that would allow us to offer a complete service to the financial industry, but we were missing a key component that would ensure unrivalled uptime for our customers,” says Tony Mbugua, group GM at Fintech Kenya.
“Stratus, with its trusted name in the industry, and its ability to offer the highest uptime assurance, was an obvious fit to help us complete our portfolio.”
“The East African payments sector has until now lagged behind other parts of the African continent. Things are however changing as we have seen an awakening and significant investment in the POS, ATM and mobile payments space,” says Dick Sharod, Africa and Middle East regional director at Stratus Technologies.
“We have been looking for a partner in Kenya that understands payments, to take the industry’s best products and services for the uptime assurance of critical financial applications to the market. I believe we have found such a partner in Fintech.”