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Technology plays an important role in helping any organisation to meet their governance, risk and compliance (GRC) objectives. In order to help companies in southern Africa to fully realise the potential of their GRC programmes, Quency Tech has signed an agreement as the sole distributor of Easy2Comply software solutions for the region.

"GRC forms one of the cornerstones of the modern business, and for it to be successful it is vital to first draw up a roadmap for GRC using the advisory services of a skilled and experienced partner, and then bring in technology to enable businesses to meet their GRC objectives," says Jayen Vyravene, managing partner of Quency.
"For this reason, the Quency brand has now diverged into two companies, Quency Advisory and Training and Quency Tech, which together will help organisations to design and implement comprehensive, end-to-end GRC strategies with technology that underpins these."
Quency Tech will offer the full range of Easy2Comply software, which delivers integrated modular tools covering the various components of GRC, including risk management, compliance, audit and IT GRC. Each of these main modules has sub-modules which can be added to meet the unique requirements of any organisation.
"Because Easy2Comply is completely modular, organisations can select the exact tools they need to assist them in achieving GRC objectives. They are under no obligation to purchase the entire suite of products, and each module integrates seamlessly with all of the others to deliver tailored, comprehensive GRC software tools.
"Easy2Comply is delivered as enterprise level software or as software as a service, so smaller organisations with lower capital budgets can still take advantage of these tools," says Vyravene.
"The software itself has a solid worldwide reputation for excellence with well-known customers across financial, telecoms, government and other sectors, and comes highly recommended by top international GRC gurus such as Michael Rasmussen.
"Our customers can now benefit from internationally recognised technology with Easy2Comply's more than seven years of market experience as well as the solid local experience of Quency in delivering full GRC strategies to South African organisations," he adds.
Vyravene himself has been working in the field of risk and compliance for more than a decade, and is the first person in South Africa to have achieved the GRC professional certification from OCEG, the Open Compliance and Ethics Group, a level which less than 30 professionals worldwide have attained.
"Software cannot solve GRC, as GRC is not a problem but an ongoing process that requires continual input and involvement from organisations. However, it can act as an enabler, automating certain processes required for GRC, lowering the risk associated with these processes and increasing capability for the future of the GRC programme," Vyravene says.
"We are pleased to be able to offer our customers the very best in this enabling software through securing the rights to distribute Easy2Comply in South and southern Africa," he concludes.