Mobile advertising in Africa is experiencing massive growth, according to figures from InMobi’s April 2011 Mobile Insights Report for Africa, which provides insights on mobile advertising trends on the continent.

Data from the report shows that InMobi now serves 4,2-billion impressions a month in Africa, up 21% from 3,5-billion in January 2011.
Other highlights from the SouthAfrica data include:
* Strong growth in smartphone impressions continues, with 221-million mobile ad impressions monthly now coming from smart devices;
* Research in Motion (RIM) is showing strong growth in the market with a 3,5 share points increase.  RIM now maintains a 10,8% market share;
* Android is present in the market with more than 8-million impressions monthly; and
* Nokia remains the largest manufacturer with a 38,2% share, but it has lost 5 points in just 90 days to both Samsung (which gained 3,4 share points) and RIM.
While the data indicates that advanced and smartphones impressions grew at a consistent pace, advanced phones still dominate the market with an 85% share. While there are early signs of growth among smartphones, they have yet to gain substantial traction.
Isis Nyong'o, vice-president and MD of InMobi Africa, comments: “The mobile advertising market in Africa continues to grow quickly. With InMobi reaching more than 30-million Africans, mobile is now a must buy media for major brands looking to grow their business on the continent.”
The report confirms that South Africa, Nigeria and Egypt remain the largest mobile markets in Africa.  South Africa maintains the position as the largest with more than 946-million impressions a month, or a 24% share of the African market.