IT leaders find themselves at the brink of a new era, with cloud computing and the rapid consumerisation of mobile technologies forcing them to re-invent themselves and their idea of what IT can do for their organisations.

Global technology research and advisory firm, Gartner, will kick off its international series of symposia in Cape Town in August with the theme “Re-imagine IT: Leading from the Front”.
“As companies gear up for growth, they are increasingly looking to IT to assist them to drive efficiencies. The era of cost cutting is being replaced by cautious investment, but with this comes new challenges for our IT leadership,” explains Tom Scholtz, vice-president, distinguished analyst and conference chairman.
“The rapid adoption of cloud services promises more flexibility at a lower cost and lower risk. Coupled with this is the explosion of new mobile technologies and their rapid consumerisation. But how do we extremely and rapidly change IT to facilitate these demands? These two themes will be driving our agenda this year,” Scholtz adds.
As part of the research agenda designed especially for South Africa, industry stalwart Will Hahn will review new revenue opportunities pursued by the largest global communication service providers. He will examine if conditions are optimal for them in South Africa and include topics such as mobile payments, the impact of tablet devices, high-bandwidth services to the home and more.