More than two months of silence have followed the public Oracle/HP spat over the future of 64-bit Intel Itanium servers – but now HP has sent a letter to Oracle demanding that the software vendor continue supporting the systems.

In March, Oracle announced that it could discontinue software support for Itanium-based system, the 64-bit Intel processor developed jointly by Intel and HP. HP is the biggest vendor of Itanium servers.
It has sent the demand to Oracle, saying the move to discontinue support will jeopardise customers and cost them hundreds of millions of dollars in lost productivity.
At the time, Oracle justified its decision to drop the chip based on conversations with senior Intel management, who said Itanium was nearing the end of its life. In addition, according to Oracle, HP’s new CEO Leo Apotheker had recently outlined the company’s future directions without mentioning Itanium.
HP hit back at the move, saying it was an effort on Oracle’s part to prop up its Sun hardware business, and accused Oracle of anti-customer behaviour.
Oracle countered by saying HP was withholding information from its customers.
This Itanium disagreement appeared to be part of a feud between the two companies started when HP’s ex-CEO Mark Hurd joined Oracle.