Thousands of players and visitors at one of the world’s largest youth sports tournaments will get instant event information and "lost and found" services, and interact with event organisers via SMS, e-mail, Facebook and Twitter, thanks to a simple cloud-based communications platform.

The Power Cup, a youth volleyball tournament in Finland that sees up to 1 000 teams competing, is using a platform supplied by the service provider Cubio and powered by Nokia Siemens Networks’ technology. The four-day event runs from 9 to 12 June in Lahti, Finland.
“We wanted to offer personalised and up-to-date information services for players and visitors, but we didn’t want to create a complex and costly infrastructure for just a four-day event,” says Hanna Iiskola-Kesonen, MD of the Finnish Volleyball Association.
“We chose Nokia Siemens Networks’ cloud-based communication platform as it makes our life simple by ensuring easy information dispersal while taking care of technical back-end issues.”
“Together with Nokia Siemens Networks, we provide ‘Cubio Tapahtuma (Event)’ in a software-as-a-service model. It is ready to use and can be easily subscribed to by organisers without worrying about technical back-end issues,” says Harry Järn, CEO, Cubio.
“Nokia Siemens Networks’ cloud-based platform, as part of Cubio Tapahtuma (Event), has enabled us to offer a cost-effective, scalable platform to realise a close interaction between thousands of participants and visitors, and the event organiser. We manage the complete infrastructure setup and the user interface, and provide necessary support for improving interaction between the event organiser and visitors.”
Nokia Siemens Networks’ cloud-based communication and messaging platform enables event organisers to provide "welcome" and registration messages and "lost and found" services.
It also enables event organisers to provide relevant and timely information about match schedules and results across about 300 volleyball courts using different channels depending on user preference, such as SMS and e-mail.
In addition, it enables event organisers to connect to participants’ social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, the platform’s auto-polling functionality can facilitate immediate feedback from participants to event management.