The Department of Communications appeals to all South African citizens to register their SIM cards whether they are cellular, data or other SIM cards used for mobile devices.

The Regulation of Interception of Communications Act (RICA) provides for the lawful interception of communications, such as voice and data conversations between persons including phone calls, e-mails and postal services.
The Department says the Act is in the interest of the individual’s right to privacy and can only be done after authorisation by a judge who is specially designated to carry out this role or function.  RICA is applicable to both prepaid and contract subscribers and it is obligatory for all cellphone and other data users to comply.
The Department is calling for all SIM card users to go to their mobile service providers with their proof of residence and identity documents (IDs) before or on 30 June 2011 for registration.
“Failure to comply with the deadline will result in SIMs being locked. Those who have not registered will not be able to make or receive calls and will not be able to send SMSes or use data,” says the Deputy Minister of Communications, Obed Bapela.