The latest line-up of Fujitsu’s LIFEBOOK business notebooks come packed with user-friendly features that improve the user experience and result in higher productivity.

Across the LIFEBOOK line up, Fujitsu has built in clever touches that help make a difference for business people working round the clock with their notebooks – including the Anytime USB Charge, the energy-saving 0-Watt AC Adapter and an intuitive ScrollWheel.
Recognising that business professionals spend long hours working with their notebooks in the office, on the road as well as at home, Fujitsu is focusing on ensuring that user friendliness is one of the core product values of its LIFEBOOK models. Together, little features provide true benefits for the end-user, and help Fujitsu’s LIFEBOOK models to stand-out in a competitive market.
For the mobile business executive, anytime USB Charge means that LIFEBOOK models can be used to power up devices like cell phones via USB. This adds convenience, as other device chargers can be left at home on a business trip.
What’s more, the Fujitsu 0-Watt AC Adapter both saves wasted energy and protects notebook batteries from damage through over-charging. Recognising that many notebooks are left connected to the mains at all time, Fujitsu has introduced this innovative feature.
When not in use, the 0-Watt AC Adapter shuts down completely, while standard AC adapters continue to draw a trickle of power at all times when connected to the mains, whether or not they are connected to a device.
Another user-friendly feature, Fujitsu’s ScrollWheel located next to the touch pad makes on-screen navigation much easier by eliminating the need for fiddly point and click, providing an intuitive movement that makes it easier to scroll up and down when navigating documents, presentations, and Web pages.
While their notebook is running, business users who need to present and share ideas will find the Integrated Intel Wireless Display (WiDi) makes it easy to display presentations on a big screen without wires anywhere.
Users with a TV adapter need only open the WiDi application on their LIFEBOOK and click on their choice of display to connect to a WiDi-ready display or projector, transmitting images wirelessly.
Finally, the Modular Bay included in many Fujitsu LIFEBOOK notebooks provides enhanced flexibility and convenience. The user can insert a second battery, a second hard disk drive, a DVD/Blu-ray drive, a weight saver, or even Fujitsu’s new bay projector that fits into the modular bay.
With a second battery, users on the go can maximise their working time and avoid the desperate search for power outlets. Additional storage is easy to add on demand – simply by sliding in a second hard disk drive. The bay projector eliminates lugging a beamer for presentations.
Ross Olver, portfolio manager for business clients at Fujitsu, says: “Business notebooks can appear to be a commodity market, but if you look a little closer it’s possible to see how Fujitsu LIFEBOOK models are packed with clever, value-add features that really make a positive impact and difference.
"For professionals, a notebook is an essential business tool, one that they’re going to work with intensively for the next 12 to 36 months. That’s a long time to have to live to regret having made the wrong selection.”