Samsung Electronics, a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, has launched the Samsung “Smart View” application that enables users to view images from a Samsung Smart TV or other input device, on their mobile devices.

The free Smart View application displays Smart TV images right onto mobile devices via wireless Ethernet – whether consumers are enjoying cable broadcast programs, content from a Blu-ray player, a camcorder, set-top box or other input devices. Furthermore, this app also enables mobile viewing from around the home.
With only one Smart TV, a family member can watch one TV program in the living room, while another family member enjoys either the same content, or movies played by the living room Blu-ray player, from the comfort of the bedroom while leaning back with a Samsung smartphone or tablet.
Says Corrie Labuschagne, product and marketing manager for TVs at Samsung, “Samsung has consistently brought movies, TV programs, music and other desired content stored on DLNA-certified devices such as PCs, mobile phones and cameras to the large TV screens – and is now extending this function and opening up further viewing opportunities for our consumers by mirroring images back to mobile devices through this new application.”
Since last April, when Samsung launched “Samsung Remote” – an easy-to-use application to deliver general remote control functions while also supporting Smart TV’s special features – the company continues to strengthen convergence between Smart TV and mobile devices through this latest Smart View app offering.
Samsung will also continue to update the Samsung Smart View application with various remote control functions, optimally designed for Smart TV, to ensure customers use the unique features of Smart TV in increasingly convenient ways.
A “Channel List” option, which lets users search program information and change channels on their mobile devices, is one such enhancement that will be added going forward.
In addition to the Smart View app, users can browse any currently installed Smart TV applications from their mobile devices, bringing even more functionality and convenience to the Samsung Apps experience.
“Samsung Smart TV is leading the 'smart revolution' not only with the features of Smart TV itself – such as rich content, 2D and 3D picture quality, smart functions and design – but also with input devices using our Qwerty smart remote control, the Samsung Remote app, and now with Smart View.
"The distinctive functionality of Samsung Smart TVs will continue to deliver the most convenient TV watching experience to consumers – enabling them to truly enjoy a smarter life," concludes Labuschagne.
The Samsung Smart View is now available in the Android Market for Samsung Smart TV D7000, D8000, and D9500 series, as well as the GALAXY S II, and will be available for the GALAXY player (YP-GB70) in July, along with the GALAXY S and GALAXY Tab later this year.