Local solutions integration expert, Logikal Consulting has secured the distribution of enterprise data management solutions from Solix Technologies in South Africa.

Solix is a US-based leader in enterprise data management and related technology with a 10-year record of success in US and global markets.
“Solix is a global leader in this area,” says Gerald Naidoo, group chief executive at Logikal Consulting. “Data management is, at once, a highly specialised field and one that is critically important for many of our enterprise clients, especially in financial services.”
The challenge of data management for major companies is a serious issue. It involves both archived data that has to be retained for compliance as well as the common situation of having legacy applications that must be retained or replaced.
“The first Solix product we offer addresses both the primary needs in a single package,” says Mahesh Chavan, CTO at Logikal Consulting. “The Solix ExAPPS is an appliance. It is not hardware that needs software loaded onto it and it is not a software solution that needs to be configured. It is a single device with its own, built-in software that makes data management almost a plug-and-play experience.
“It covers all aspects of data management, especially the key areas of database archiving and application retirement.
“This appliance solution from Solix is a best-fit in many industries,” says Naidoo. “Firstly, it is cost-effective. Secondly, it is platform agnostic – easily and quickly deployed. Lastly, it answers a range of critical business needs.
“These include: compliance with regulatory and legislative requirements to global standards; management of the major business risks involved in losing data or application availability; and the overall need to achieve these goals in a cost-effective manner. While other solutions offer an end-to-end approach, this can be cumbersome and expensive. It also takes time and resources to deploy and may have limited abilities to answer unique business needs.”
Sai Gundavelli, CEO of Solix Technologies, adds: “Reports show that the South Africa economy is growing and, with that, there is increasing demand for storage and server capacity,” says. “Our partnership with Logikal Consulting enables organisations to invest in proven data management solutions to meet this demand in an efficient and cost-effective manner.”