Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings, the exclusive VAR of Ross Enterprise and CDC Factory Solutions in Africa, has confirmed that Ross Systems has announced a statement of direction for the availability of their next generation of ERP products.

These include the planned launch of Ross ERP Version 7.0, its next generation suite of ERP applications which is planned to offer new functionality, improved interoperability, increased collaborative capabilities, enhanced usability and significant new mobile features – all with low total cost of ownership.
The Ross ERP 7.0 product suite is planned to be delivered over a three year period starting in 2012 through to 2014, in two phases. Phase One deliverables, which are scheduled throughout 2012, are expected to include integration of the CDC Software Event Management Framework’s alert engine into the Ross ERP application.
This solution can deliver real-time monitoring, alerts and exception management to the Ross ERP application. It can also provide a 24-hour view into a manufacturer’s operations that also proactively addresses non-events such as the lack of response to a purchase order, or an overdue delivery or a missing time sheet entry.
Starting in Phase One, key performance analytics will be embedded into the baseline workflow of Ross ERP that can enable faster, easier and more streamlined decision making without the need for an external data warehouse.
Ross ERP 7.0 is expected to allow users to gain business intelligence within the context and process flow of the Ross ERP transactional application, thereby improving productivity and promoting improved and faster decision making.
Another Ross ERP 7.0 Phase One deliverable is expected to integrate SharePoint into the Ross Smart Client User interface level to provide improved interoperability with other solutions and greater usability for desktop and mobile workers.
SharePoint is also planned for integration in the application level that will enable Ross ERP to offer higher levels of collaborative capabilities. This will allow enterprise data to be accessed through collaborative portals for employees, customers and suppliers.
Portals are an efficient approach when accessing certain Ross ERP applications that require extensive data manipulation, such as material requirements planning, which are not suited for touch type interface technology found in smart phones and tablets.
Other planned Ross 7.0 deliverables starting in Phase One include extending the functionality in its mobile applications, currently available on the Blackberry, to support iPhone, iPad, Android-based devices, tablets and other mobile communications products. In addition, SharePoint is expected to serve as a central business hub in the application that will extend enterprise data to mobile devices.
“These new mobile features are expected to help increase worker productivity, improve responsiveness to customers, and promote fast and informed decision making,” says Ian Huntly, CEO and MD of Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings.
Additionally, Ross users already have a cloud hosting option which was previously announced in February 2011.  Ross in the Cloud is delivered on demand and managed, monitored and maintained by Ross experts in hosted data centres.
“This will help process manufacturing industries reduce their initial investment and minimise the costly burden of IT overhead and maintenance, while achieving low total cost of ownership,” says Huntly.
“Ross ERP 7.0, and our three-year product road map, exemplify Ross Systems’ unwavering commitment to continue delivering solutions that addresses the changing requirements of our customers’ business and market dynamics,” says Sherri Rodriguez, president of Ross Systems.
“With the planned delivery of Ross 7.0, we believe Ross ERP will continue to be one of the lowest total cost of ownership solutions available to process manufacturers.”
Phase Two of Ross ERP 7.0 is scheduled for delivery throughout 2013 and 2014. Phase Two is expected to offer even higher levels of collaboration for users through the integration of Ross ERP with social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and others.
With the addition of Ross Social ERP, users are expected to easily connect with customers and suppliers during the product lifecycle, gauge brand loyalty and product issues, promote process improvements and improve compliance through links to social media communities of regulatory content, and gain valuable access to accurate, real-time and actionable intelligence.
In addition, Ross Systems plans to expand Ross Mobile, which currently enables users to perform real-time ERP inquiries via their mobile devices, to allow application updates, such as Direct Store Delivery and Quality Management.
“Our Phase Two deliverables are expected to extend the collaborative and mobile communications capabilities of Ross ERP to new levels that will help our customers promote operational excellence, product innovation and delivery of world class customer service,” says Rodriguez.
“With the overall improved interoperability, innovative mobile features, superior collaborative capabilities and the low total cost of ownership which is expected to be embodied in Ross 7.0, we believe this next generation of our ERP solution will be a true transformative force across a process manufacturer’s enterprise,” Rodriguez concludes.