Vidyo, distributed in South Africa by Q Distribution, has announced VidyoPanorama, an innovative personal telepresence solution for multiple users over standard broadband connections.

VidyoPanorama delivers the industry’s first affordable, high-definition (1080p) videoconferencing solution operating at 60 frames per second (fps). This new solution supports up to 20 screens at about 10% of the cost of current telepresence solutions.
“Vidyo delivers affordable, immersive interactions across 1080p at 60fps multi-screen telepresence rooms, video conferencing rooms, desktops, iOS and Android-based smartphones and tablets, including the iPhone, iPad 2, Xoom, Galaxy, Nexus S and others,” says Craig Watson, director of Q Distribution.
“This empowers employees, no matter where they are, to be an active participant in team decisions and events, using the devices they are comfortable using.
“Based on Vidyo’s platform for video communication and collaboration, VidyoPanorama redefines the telepresence paradigm to support today’s highly distributed and mobile workforce and delivers a more immersive and affordable video experience with superior quality and up to five-times more screen real-estate.
VidyoPanorama provides the flexibility to use off-the-shelf hardware to create innovative communication applications not addressed by legacy telepresence solutions. It reduces up-front customer investments by 90% and dramatically decreases on-going expenses by working over general data networks and the Internet.
“Traditional telepresence systems promised an ‘in-person’ experience when optimised in settings with limited participants and unlimited budgets. In reality, they have failed to deliver immersive multi-point experiences in large group meetings when people ‘disappear’ each time the number of remote cameras exceeds the number of screens. Someone coughs and you are no longer a participant on the screen,” explains Ofer Shapiro, CEO and co-founder of Vidyo.
“VidyoPanorama breaks the choke-hold by delivering the screen real estate required to have full interaction in large group meetings at full 1080p at 60fps with immersive interactions and the flexibility to engage from telepresence rooms, desktops or mobile devices running over everyday networks.”