Software developer DVT has expanded its quality assurance offering in South Africa by opening a dedicated QA division in Gauteng. This follows the extraordinary success of the company’s QA Cape business unit.

“Software QA is a critical component of what we do as software developers," says Chris Wilkins, CEO of DVT.
“The combination of competitive pricing, internship opportunities, mentoring and other complementary services offered by DVT has made QA Cape a great success. Our clients have seen the benefits well supported, educated software QA analysts can offer to their software development efforts. We aim to replicate this in Gauteng.”
Yvonne Smith, business manager of DVT QA Gauteng, says the unit was set up to meet the growing demand for software QA from DVT. “Our role is to ensure that standards, processes, and procedures are appropriate for projects and are correctly implemented. It’s a service that’s lacking in the software testing industry.”
Smith will bring her own extensive experience in QA and testing to bear on the new unit. She will also use the Cape QA model experiences and incorporate these into her planning for the future.
“Yvonne’s vision, determination and practical approach are just what we need to give life to the new unit,” says Wilkins.
DVT’s QA units focus strongly on mentoring and coaching, with the company bringing new and inexperienced graduates into DVT and the broader IT industry.
“It’s exactly what is required in an industry that has traditionally been very difficult to break into without years of experience and leading-edge skills. Our interns work in the QA teams for a few years and after that they can consider moving into software development, business analysis or other roles.”
Wilkins says that starting an IT career in QA is a softer option that allows young people to familiarise themselves with the generic aspects of IT before having to learn the specialised and complex skills involved with other roles in software development and related professions.
“Our QA business units are an ideal mechanism for job creation and graduate training at DVT, at our clients and in IT in general.”
He adds that DVT clients are benefitting from the readily available supply of recently trained graduates whose skills are complemented by experienced DVT QA staff.
“Given the shortage of testing professionals in the industry, DVT has come up with an affordable and practical solution that works. We also have agreements in place with our clients so that they can make permanent job offers to various DVT QA interns once both parties are satisfied that there are good reasons for doing this.
"This gives the client a chance to ‘test drive’ an inexperienced graduate prior to making an appointment. Although our model does not lead with this service, it is still comforting for clients to know that they have this option,” he concludes.