The new HP Compaq 6200 Pro Desktop PC series, available from distributors Drive Control Corporation (DCC), has been designed with business in mind, offering solid performance across the range, making it ideally suited to medium to large enterprise.

With platform stability and superior upgradability to enable standardisation throughout the organisation, the 6200 series supports the technology strategy of any business and ensures return on technology investment.
"These high-end desktop machines are designed for long term use, with stability on the platform to ensure that the machines will not be outdated quickly. From a corporate and business standpoint this means that organisations can standardise on these machines, which will continue to work solidly and have support until the next technology refresh," says Deon Botha, HP PSG product specialist at DCC.
"By standardising machines across the business, organisations ensure that IT staff need only be trained on one hardware platform, which reduces an organisation's operational expenses in terms of maintenance.
"And with upgradeable capability, organisations can add more RAM and hard drive capacity as demand requires without needing to purchase brand new machines when applications begin to run slowly, further extending the initial investment," he adds.
The 6200 series has been designed for maximum performance throughout its lifecycle, with enhanced energy efficiency and improved processing and graphics performance as well as integrated dual independent monitor support via VGA and Display Port and wireless NIC options to increase connectivity options in difficult deployment environments.
The 6200 series is geared towards increasing productivity, lifespan in various deployment environments.
For easy manageability the 6200 series includes HP business PC BIOS, which helps maintain control over IT resources by providing diagnostic and service information, making upgrades easier and keeping lifecycle tracking information easily available.
On the security side the series integrates a trusted platform module (TPM) 1.2 compliant security chip, USB port disable features and HP Business PC Security Locks to help protect business hardware and data.
"To enhance manageability even further, HP's business machines can take advantage of VPro technology, an innovative hardware-based solution that enables technical staff to remotely login to a crashed machine using the hardware to conduct repairs without leaving their offices.
"For technical staff this makes their jobs far easier and more efficient, and for the user of the crashed machine repairs can be done without disrupting their day too much, leaving them to get back to productivity quickly with a minimum of fuss," Botha adds.
The 6200 series incorporates the latest Intel Core i2 processors for enhanced productivity, performance and usability and comes standard in 2Gb and 4Gb RAM options and hard drives space of between 250Gb and 500Gb for plenty of storage. Bespoke special builds for unique customised requirements are also offered and can be ordered on request.