Caron De Fortier has been appointed by Drive Control Corporation (DCC) as the new Hewlett Packard (HP) Imaging and Printing Group (IPG) business unit manager.

With over 15 years experience in the IT industry, De Fortier is well positioned to harness her strong HP product knowledge and expertise and channel it into an already thriving business unit.
De Fortier originally started her IT career at HP, and held the position of consumer sales manager. She moved on to head up the commercial core business unit, and thereafter expanded her industry knowledge as services sales specialist. She gained further experience by moving from selling services in the IT sector to selling products in the telecommunications industry.
After a short break from the industry, managing a guest house, De Fortier returned to IT.
"My heart has always been in IT and I knew it is an industry that I would come back to," she says.
"Working at DCC, and heading up the printer division of HP is like coming home. Having worked for HP for eight years, I have a solid understanding of how the HP systems and products work and I was delighted to discover that a lot of my previous colleagues were still with HP. This means I still have many relationships in place which will assist with my new position."
De Fortier's team consists of an HP product manager, HP supplies manager and an HP care pack administrator.
Her goal is to work with her team to deliver profitable revenue growth within her unit. With a deep understanding of the market and customer requirements coupled with a business development background, De Fortier is poised for success.
"I have a passion for technology and business and as a team, our goal for the next six months includes growing DCC's market share and working closely with our customers as well as the HP South Africa team and colleagues. We aim to reach new heights with this goal."
In order to provide support both internally and externally, a vital aspect of the job specification is excellent product knowledge and solid leadership skills. De Fortier has the support of a great brand, a strong relationship with HP and her IT experience which will ensure that she is well positioned to reinforce DCC as the "distributor of choice' among resellers looking for HP printers, consumables, care and service.