SAS, the leader in business analytics software and services, has announced that Nectar, the UK’s biggest loyalty programme, is using SAS to gain an even deeper level of customer insight from its 17-million-plus collectors.

SAS Analytics has helped improve campaign targeting and marketing effectiveness for Nectar’s partners, leading to significant returns on investment. Nectar partners include Sainsbury’s, BP, Homebase, American Express, Vision Express, and most recently, British Gas.
SAS Analytics processes vast amounts of data from millions of Nectar collectors, and then models and segments the information according to trends and behaviours. The solution produces scoring reports to give Nectar deeper insight into its customers.
With this knowledge, Nectar is able to provide more personalised marketing campaigns and offers and assist partners in effective campaign execution. SAS solutions are automated throughout this process to assist with efficient delivery, and SAS plays a key role in the evaluation of all targeted campaigns.  
Jackie Clayton, head of Nectar Insight, explains: "Our primary function is to identify opportunities for Nectar partners, whether it's acquiring new customers or shaping customer behaviours, and SAS supports us in that goal. Our business is data intensive and SAS looks beyond the norm to find remarkable trends and behaviours that we didn't know existed, which means we are better able to support our partners.
"Through our work with SAS, Nectar is delivering significant return on investment for our partners. SAS spans and meets all of our needs, while delivering high performance and flexibility."
"Everyday Nectar is being used across retail outlets, gas stations and Web sites by millions of people; the challenge for Nectar is to make the most of the vast amounts of data it gathers. SAS Analytics provide Nectar with predictive modelling, customer segmentation and marketing optimisation," comments Ian Manocha, MD of SAS UK and Ireland.
"By classifying, analysing and interpreting the data, SAS reveals patterns and relationships that result in better customer intelligence for Nectar's partners. As a continually growing loyalty scheme, more and more brands are recognising the benefits of increased customer insight derived from being part of the programme."