BMC Software recognised Blue Turtle Technologies (Blue Turtle) as their seventh most valuable partner worldwide at their global partner conference held during May 2011 in the USA.

Blue Turtle is a BMC Elite Partner providing both ESM (enterprise solutions management) and MSM (mainframe solutions management) solutions to their enterprise customers. Blue Turtle’s recent acquisition of Column Technologies SA in January 2011 further increased their footprint in South Africa and across the rest of Africa.
“We have a very successful relationship with BMC, as their solutions are a trusted and recognised leader in service automation, operations and management, complementing Blue Turtle’s position in the African market and addressing our customers’ service needs and requirements,” comments Martyn Healy.
“We are committed to this market, are appropriately skilled however continually growing our competencies through training, mentorship programmes and recruitment. Our staff is a differentiator.”
The longstanding relationship between Blue Turtle and BMC Software ensures that organisations’ risks are drastically reduced and easily managed, and that they always benefit from the mutual investment made by both Blue Turtle and BMC in the development of best practice services and solutions, underpinned by sound technology and credible, solid organisations with exceptional IP, ensuring maximum return on investment.