"I need more bandwidth, the application is too slow, it must be the network!" These are many of the statements made by users where centralised computing or computing over a wide area network is a reality.

Most enterprise users are using some form of virtual private network where they are supposed to be on the same network, but their offices are geographically located far away from each other.
The time is now to find solutions elsewhere for bandwidth constraints, and not just give into the demands of service providers to upgrade lines, spend more money and ultimately not fix the root of the problem, writes Rudie Raath, country manager, HP Technology Consulting, South Africa.
Riverbed and HP have come together to develop industry-leading solutions for joint customers. Combining the global brand strength of HP with the award-winning Riverbed Steelhead product line, HP and Riverbed are delivering a myriad of solutions for users accessing data over the wide area network (WAN).
As IT budgets shrink, companies turn to virtualisation and consolidation to cut costs. This strategy is sometimes blocked due to high bandwidth requirements and costs associated with a national footprint that needs connectivity into these environments.
HP South Africa has invested in the required skills to provide local expertise to work with corporate South Africa to address these concerns through their international partnership with Riverbed.
They are working with medium and large corporates in South Africa, where they have achieved between 50% to 90% bandwidth optimisation. In some applications they see up to 50 times application acceleration. These business outcomes allow corporates to harness the true value behind virtualisation and consolidation.
When looking into the reasons for high bandwidth usage, it is directly linked to sending large amounts of repetitive data down the same line multiple times.
With Riverbed, HP are able to remove the repetitive data and ensure they only send down the unique data thus reducing the amount of traffic on the line. Apart from removing the repetitive data from the line, they are accelerating the response times by addressing the latency created by a wide area network.
In a network, latency is an expression of the time it takes for a packet of data to get from one point to another. This will then determine the response of the application the user is trying to open.
Central virtualised infrastructure being accessed over the WAN, may result in users experiencing slow application response times due to high latency and increased bandwidth demands which in most cases, leads to unproductive and frustrated end-users.
HP and Riverbed Technology has helped thousands of customers achieve virtualisation solutions, ranging from WAN optimisation to "branch office in a box" consolidation.
Using HP and Riverbed, businesses can consolidate all types of branch office servers and reduce the cost and complexity of branch office infrastructure while guaranteeing the performance that end-users need.