FNB Connect will give qualifying FNB account holders up to 4Gb free monthly ADSL data and discounted prepaid 3G data from as little as 30 cents per Mb.

The new promotion, which starts tomorrow, replaces the existing scheme qualifying cheque account customers received up to 1Gb free monthly ADSL data.
Farren Roper, head of products & markets at FNB Connect, says: “As a value add to our customers we are thrilled to announce that due to popular demand, we have not only extended this promotion for another year, but increased the allocation, so our customers can have access to the Internet for longer.
“We are very happy to add 3G to the rewards programme and to be in a position to reward our customers for whatever their data requirements are.”
The promotion will run for one year, ending 30 June 2012. In order to redeem the rewards, cheque account customers only need to register for free on www.fnbconnect.co.za and the monthly free ADSL data and 3G rewards will be loaded automatically to the customers’ FNB Connect Surf account.
The new reward allocations commence in the month following registration and customers who are currently receiving free data allocation will have their allocations increased from the month of August 2011. ADSL rewards will be allocated automatically.
In addition to the ADSL rewards, FNB Connect has added a discounted 3G tier structure to their rewards offering, where customers who ordinarily would qualify for a price of 59 cents per MB for pay-as-you use 3G, may now qualify for a discounted rate of up to 30 cents per MB. The 3G discount applies to the first 50MB of 3G data and thereafter the standard rate of 59 cents applies.
“Our pay-as-you use model is for customers who do not want to have nasty out of bundle rate surprises. Our ordinary rate of 59 cents per MB for pay-as-you use Vodacom or MTN 3G is already cheap, but customers will now qualify for an even better price,” says Roper.
“A customer could redeem both the free ADSL rewards as well as 3G discounts, so the opportunity for savings could be multiplied. We are proud to be in a position to help our clients save on their data bills, whether they require fixed or mobile data.”