Huawei Symantec has entered the CCTV market with the appointment of a new partner ANV Holdings, a supplier of intelligent video management and surveillance solutions. ANV holds the South African rights to Aimetis, one of the world’s premier intelligent IP video management software solutions used for video surveillance and analytics.

Aimetis and Huawei Symantec joint local clients include Multichoice and TNT Express with Aimetis installed internationally at Virgin Mobile, Teraco, Norwegian Embassy and RTT. The solution is aimed at government, retail, mining, manufacturing and corporate companies.
“Our partnership with Huawei Symantec will leverage the cost benefits and reliability of its servers, storage, cloud storage, virtual tape backup, switches and security software that will be used as the basis of our CCTV solutions,” says Bradley Cabral, director of ANV.
“The key requirements for an effective video management and surveillance solution are throughput, network intrusion protection, management of bandwidth and reliability.
"Huawei Symantec’s software addresses network intrusion, bandwidth management and provides strong protection for archived CCTV video coverage from hackers who would otherwise be able to gain access to the files in order to change or delete incriminating footage,” says Cabral.
“Huawei Symantec’s software is able to prevent hackers from entering the network and to identify those who attempt to breach it. The software is also able to operate intelligently and efficiently, allocating more bandwidth to the CCTV application during times of heightened security and then reallocating bandwidth to other applications during lower risk periods.
“In addition, Huawei Symantec’s hardware is suited to off-site backup and disaster recovery synchronous replication, a critical feature in an environment where security and reliability are crucial. The hardware also adheres to numerous green requirements, such as intelligent disk and fan spin-down as well as CPU slowdown, ensuring that fewer resources are used and that less heat is dissipated,” he says.
“Our hardware provides a cost-effective, reliable solution that is based on 64-bit technology at 32-bit pricing, and it enables users to mix NAS and SAN disks, optimising performance and reducing customer TCO,” says Edmont Rao, regional director, sub-Sahara region, Huawei Symantec.
“In addition, customers are able to continue to use their existing storage systems, and by installing Huawei Symantec’s virtualised storage solution, customers can virtualise, rather than replace, storage devices from different suppliers, further contributing to cost savings.”