T-Systems signed a contract by which the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary will provides Total with a variety of satellite-based communication services worldwide – potentially reaching 130 countries.

The contract comprises the configuration and operation of a satellite-based communication system for Total's Exploration & Production division as well as its Refining and Marketing divisions.
T-Systems' remit covers the VSAT (very small aperture terminal) infrastructure that consists of satellite receivers and transmitters with antennas. This includes providing round-the-clock service, which also covers on-site repairs to the equipment.
The contract applies to all continents and includes more than 40 locations.
The service covers a number of computer centres and has networked all its locations around the world. As many of its locations are quite remote, they are not served by traditional communication infrastructure such as fixed or wireless networks. In these regions – through T-Systems, its ICT provider – Total relies on satellites to handle voice and data communication between the main regional offices and the headquarters in Paris.
T-Systems’ particular challenge is to ensure that Total Group’s connections function in as stable and secure a manner as a fixed network.