A US International Trade Commission (ITC) judge has ruled that Apple infringes two patents of S3 Graphics.

Judge James Gildea found that Apple infringes a patent directed to systems and methods for compressing images as well as one directed to image data formats, both of which belong to
S3 Graphics. In the industry, that technology is known as S3 Texture Compression (S3TC).
“S3 Graphics is pleased to win this portion of the ITC investigation," says Dr Ken Weng, CEO of S3 Graphics.
"S3 Graphics has a long history of designing graphics processor chips and technology," he adds. "S3 Texture Compression has been implemented in over 1-billion computers, game consoles and mobile devices worldwide. S3 Texture Compression is invaluable for advanced 3-D video graphics."
S3 Texture Compression is widely licensed and implemented. Since 1998, Microsoft has licensed and implemented the S3 Graphics technology in DirectX products and now Windows 7. Sony, Nintendo and others have also licensed and used the technology in their video game consoles and other products.
S3 Graphics filed its ITC complaint in May 2010, and an eight-day trial was held in March 2011. Judge Gildea's decision will become the ITC's final decision on 1 November, unless modified by a majority vote of the ITC Commissioners.