Mimecast, the leading supplier of cloud-based e-mail archiving, continuity and security for Microsoft Exchange, has announced that it is offering a full suite of value added cloud services for Office 365, Microsoft’s latest e-mail offering, which launched recently.

Deployed in tandem with Microsoft Office 365, Mimecast’s cloud-based services support organisations adopting the new platform by offering an independent, tamper-proof, long-term e-mail archive with granular eDiscovery and legal hold capabilities.
The benefits of Mimecast’s services for Microsoft Office 365 include:
* 100% service availability SLA  – should there be any planned or unplanned outages, during or after the move to Office 365, Mimecast will automatically deliver an uninterrupted e-mail service to end-users via their Microsoft Outlook mailboxes.
* A unified system – Mimecast supports any combination of Exchange – whether on-premise, hosted or as part of Office 365 – by enabling centralised policy management and a single organisation-wide archive wherever users’ mailboxes reside.
* Legal and compliance support – Mimecast’s granular eDiscovery and litigation hold capabilities allow designated personnel to rapidly identify, control and retrieve data. Strong chains of custody are maintained for each message, providing evidential quality data, should it be required.
* Seamless integration – the Mimecast solution is easy to set-up – organisations simply have to switch their MX records to point to Mimecast’s data centres and enable SMTP journaling in Microsoft Exchange Online – and the archive and continuity capability integrates fully with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange,
* Migration support – moving historical e-mail to the independent Mimecast archive before migrating to Office 365 protects data from the increased risks associated with any migration process, as well as providing a single consolidated message repository for ongoing business benefits.
“With the introduction of Microsoft Office 365, organisations now have a cloud-based alternative to managing their e-mail system in-house,” comments Peter Bauer, CEO, Mimecast.
“Office 365 offers greater scalability, lower total cost of ownership and the chance to reduce the complexity of the e-mail infrastructure. Mimecast’s services have always enabled our customers to get maximum value from their investment in Exchange, and our support for Office 365 is no exception.
"By offering a 100% service availability SLA, extended eDiscovery capabilities and an independent, long-term e-mail archive, we can help customers build on the strengths of Microsoft’s new platform while adding value in a number of key areas.”