MWeb has launched new, affordable ADSL and 3G packages. 

Derek Hershaw, CEO of MWeb ISP, comments: “With the Internet playing an ever increasing role in people’s day to day lives, we understand the essential need for users to stay connected while on the go. Our bundled ADSL and 3G packages are perfect as they give consumers access to both fixed and mobile connections at a reduced price and a cost saving.
MWeb has created two bundles: a capped offering which comprises 2Gb MWeb ADSL and 2Gb MTN 3G, and a higher-end bundle made up of Uncapped MWeb ADSL and a 3GB Uncapped Lite MTN data account for users that require more data.
The entry-level bundle comes in at R199.00 per month, while the higher-end bundle will cost R499.00 per month.
MWeb’s bundles also include both the ADSL router and a USB 3G modem. In addition customers will receive MWeb’s suite of value-added services including five hours of free WiFi in MWeb hotspots, a 2Gb mailbox, a 5Gb cloud-storage account, and free uncapped hosting for one year.