Software house DVT has launched its national enterprise mobile solutions division, complementing the company’s broad portfolio of enterprise business offerings and services. The mobile business unit, with headquarters in Cape Town, has sales and delivery capacity in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

The unit will provide mobility for the full range of DVT’s services, with an enterprise focus. As well as building bespoke mobile solutions, the enterprise mobile solutions team will provide consultation on mobile strategy, application development, the integration of mobile applications into existing enterprise systems, and quality assurance approaches.
“Enterprise mobility is about accessibility, convenience, immediacy, and the provision of an alternative communication channel for the enterprise. Mobility allows organisations to enable their staff to conduct work using their smartphones or tablets to interact with an organisation’s back-end systems in a new way,” says Johan Pieters, head of DVT’s enterprise mobile solutions business unit in Cape Town.
The division will provide a wide range of solutions, including native application development, mobile Web development, mobile software quality assurance and user interface design catering for specific platforms.
To further enhance this array of mobile solutions, DVT has partnered with Cape-based start-up Virtual Mobile Technologies (VMT) for cross-platform solution development.
Kevin Naicker (DVT Mobile, Gauteng) says there is increasing demand for mobility solutions among DVT’s clients, particularly for barcode scanning, tracking and logistics, sales force automation, scientific monitoring, asset management and multimedia.
“The past two years have seen prolific growth in smartphone and tablet devices that support platform development for Windows, Apple and Android. DVT has been specific in its efforts to pursue both the technology investment and skills development to include mobile development as part of its more than 10-year software development pedigree,” says Naicker.