Incredible Connection has partnered with Santam to offer insurance on notebooks, netbooks or tablet computers purchased from any of its stores.

The insurance will provide customers with cover from accidental damage, theft or electronic failure. It also introduces the concept of insuring customers’ prized possessions as a “single asset” as opposed to general all risk insurance.
“We aim to provide everything our customers need in the IT space, and we know that when investing in a computer, one of the concerns is insuring the item,” says Dave Miller, chief executive of Incredible Connection. “Through our arrangement with Santam, we’re going a long way to take the pain out of this process.”
Insuring a notebook on an existing policy means a higher premium as it is a specified item, and if it is stolen, the policy holder can lose their no-claim bonus. Most insurance policies don’t cover accidental damage on electronic items, but the Incredible Connection offering takes care of all of this. Most insurance policies do cover accidental damages on electronic items however, the accidental damage cover does not form part of a warranty.
Under the policy, if the notebook is stolen, or accidentally damaged, customers may contact Santam directly to register their claim for assessment and processing.
“These are the benefits of buying equipment insurance through a specialist equipment provider,” explains Miller. “We understand the technology and the users’ needs, and can tailor solutions to meet these needs.”
Customers can take out six-month or twelve-month affordable cover through the Incredible Connection insurance offering, Incredible Cover, and have peace of mind that whatever happens, they’ll have a working computer for the duration.