Affordable, secure, fast and direct linkage between a business’s point of sale terminals and their bank is a critical requirement in terms of maintaining effective electronic payment operations.

XLink Communications is a market leader in providing innovative payment communication solutions for the South African market, with a proven track record of managing over 15-million payment transactions per month from 30 000 units, for more than 26 000 clients nationally, servicing many of the larger retailers and corporate organisations.
With eyes now set upon the SMB arena, XLink has recently launched the MiniLink modem, which is targeted towards providing the same affordable GSM communication solution for smaller retailers and business owners.
“The MiniLink has allowed us to focus on targeting current fixed line customers with a low cost GSM edge device for faster transaction processing capabilities at a cost saving to the retailers and reduces the risk of revenue loss due to cashless customers when fixed lines are down.
"Since launching this product, uptake has been positive with a number of new SMB clients migrating to the wireless MiniLink solution,” comments Hymie Marnewick, chief commercial officer at XLink.
The MiniLink modem affordably connects up to two credit card machines directly with the relevant bank, and has a number of features to ensure both merchant and customer confidence and convenience when it comes to the critical function of electronic payment transactions.
These key features include XLink’s dual-sim modems, which means that if one of the two primary networks (Vodacom or MTN) for any reason fail, the MiniLink modem will automatically switch over to the other network, providing the electronic payment process with a reliable backup.
In addition, all of XLink’s services and technology have been approved by all five major banks in South Africa, the GSM network operators as well as industry operators.
XLink continues to offer its solutions on a full managed service model, delivering a solution that is cost effective, efficient and reliable.