Former Springbok rugby captain Bob Skinstad has recently joined a new team by signing up with Itec Connect.

Traditionally an office automation and telecoms company and recently moving into the convergence space, Itec has recruited the former Springbok captain as its brand ambassador, with a long-term plan for him to become a stakeholder in the Connect group.
MD Gavin Meyer says Itec Connect Group and Skinstad are a good fit because they are both entrepreneurial with similar work ethics and ambitions.
“We were looking to align ourselves with achievers with a similar DNA and culture as ours. We weren’t looking for a face to put with a cellphone, but for someone who could be a brand ambassador and in the long term get closer to the group and have a career here,” Meyer says.
“We are going to be training him in how the business works and taking it to a higher level with him taking an equity stake within the group in time to come.”
Some of Skinstad’s first engagements for Itec Connect will be at the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand, where the company will entertain a group of its most valuable customers.
Skinstad says that he’s taken his time in selecting a suitable partner. “Your reputation can go out of the window in two seconds, so I’ve done a lot of research into Itec Connect’s business and its markets and who its rivals are.”
Instead of being a figurehead simply paid to turn up and speak at client events, Skinstad says he is becoming a learner employee who will interact with clients and help to generate potential leads, some of which he is working on already.
“In time I’ll take a much more meaningful role and be part of the decision-making, with a structured investment into their business. But we’re taking it slowly because I like to under-promise and over-deliver.”
Skinstad retired from professional rugby in November 2007.
Itec Connect offers office automation, telecommunications, security, power, video conferencing and managed voice and data solutions to companies of all sizes including the public sector.