Software AG and Trillium Software, a business of Harte-Hanks, and a leading provider of Total Data Quality solutions, recently announced an alliance from ProcessWorld 2011, Software AG’s largest event for process managers and IT decision-makers.

The alliance is aimed at creating a seamless master data management (MDM) experience for customers while increasing the quality and value of data used in business operations. It provides customers with the combined data expertise of both companies delivering a completely integrated and certified solution for reconciling, enriching and governing master data.
Software AG’s webMethods OneData MDM solution is integrated "out-of-the-box" with Trillium Software’s data quality services for data cleansing and global address validation.
Trillium Software’s applied data quality services can be instantly and directly retrieved from webMethods OneData via a connector, relieving integration complexity and reducing time and resources to achieve “one version of the truth".
As a result, customers can be confident that business processes and decisions are based on the most accurate set of information available, thereby mitigating risk and process failures.
“You can't have good business process results without accurate, complete and reliable data," says John Nicoli, MD at Harte-Hanks Trillium Software.
"Together with Software AG, we enable organisations to adopt a robust, complete MDM system to resolve their customer, product and financial data challenges while also increasing the value of their data and creating business process efficiency, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.”
Companies that implement MDM solutions achieve business efficiency through the use of a single view of the company's information assets, shared across integrated applications throughout the enterprise. Software AG has a unique approach to MDM, endorsed by industry analysts, called Process-Driven MDM.
This approach is a business-oriented approach to MDM that supports process optimisation or transformation.
“Our partnership with Trillium Software, coupled with our process-driven approach to MDM, exemplifies our commitment to delivering only the highest quality business and data management solutions for our customers,” says Dr. Wolfram Jost, chief technology officer and member of the executive board, Software AG.
The Trillium Software System, a best-in-class data quality solution, helps companies manage the complete lifecycle of data discovery and data quality across an enterprise.
It can process the data to standardise, validate and perform matching to ensure that only the highest quality data is entered into the MDM database.
This reduces the need for end-users to manually correct the data, delivering cost savings and increased straight-through processing. Without quality data, businesses have to rely upon inaccurate information – which increases costs and expenses, as well as reducing customer satisfaction.