Clicks Group has signed a further three-year outsourced telecoms management service agreement with Nebula. This will allow the group to adopt a flexible sourcing and management model to help it stay ahead of the rapidly changing telecoms landscape.

Nebula and Clicks Group’s relationship started six years ago with Nebula’s Outsource Premier Programme. This fully comprehensive telecommunications management service initially only covered the fixed telephony milieu, but has since grown to encompass the mobile sphere (mobile handsets and 3G services) as well as the WAN and LAN environment.
The Premier Programme not only provides knowledgeable and professional on-site resources, but also remote and back-up support through Nebula’s Shared Support Services.
“The flexibility and adaptability of Nebula’s outsource model fits the Clicks environment and guarantees on-going, optimal cost management and service delivery,” says Clicks Group head of IT, Jacques de Kock. “By providing independent advice in the telecoms area, Nebula saves us money, strengthens capacity and ensures the capabilities needed to grow our business are in place.”
Over the next three years the Clicks Group will continue to receive a centralised and documented view of their telecoms environment from an independent and unbiased source, as well as access to Nebula’s telecommunications experience and knowledge, keeping the group up-to-date with the latest in telecoms management.
Nebula CEO Daniel Nel comments: “Nebula assists companies in improving the returns from their technology investments by identifying and implementing cost saving initiatives, while simultaneously enhancing capability for innovation through accessing external knowledge that could be used to build in-house proficiency.”
By establishing a strategic decision framework and embedding mechanisms to measure performance, Nebula will provide the Clicks Group with operational expertise and regular industry updates along with impact analysis and risk mitigation, thereby continuing to support the Clicks Group’s strategic initiatives.