The implications of digital spying have proven to be catastrophic for Rupert Murdoch’s UK publishing group News International, with the popular Sunday newspaper, The News of the World, shutting its doors this weekend over this week’s phone hacking scandal.

A private investigator hacked the phones of murdered girl, even deleting messages to make room for new details. The news was met with an international outcry that has cast the newspaper into disrepute and raised questions about ethics in investigative journalism.
The latest scandal comes on top of allegations that newspaper investigators had also hacked the phones of dead soldiers, and had paid police contacts for details on stories.
Cynics, however, believe the closure of the newspaper is an expedient to help ease a $14-billion bid the company has made for pay-TV company BskyB. They also believe the group will soon be back in the lucrative Sunday newspaper market with a Sunday version of its Sun daily paper.