Just one month after being launched, Vodacom’s Airtime Advance has grown to more than 1-million subscribers.

The strong take-up of the service, which shows no signs of slowing down, is underpinned by interesting stories from subscribers. One person who had run out of airtime used the service to complete an online job application on the day applications were closing, and another used it to call a roadside assistance service during an emergency.
Launched at the end of May, Vodacom’s Airtime Advance was developed following research into how mobile communications products and services that could assist consumers in  day to day lives.
Portia Maurice, Vodacom’s chief officer of corporate affairs, says: “We very much believe in developing practical products and services that solve everyday problems. The success story of Airtime Advance is amazing, it tells us that if you launch a product or service that addresses customer’s needs such as running out of airtime at a crucial moment– that you will add value to their experience. Vodacom’s evolution to red was all about giving customer a better network experience, better customer service and more value.  Airtime Advance fits in with this perfectly.”
Airtime Advance makes it possible for prepaid customers to access an additional R10.00 worth of airtime once their initial airtime balance has run out. They are only required to pay for the airtime advance on their next recharge with a R1.00 service fee.