Motorola Solutions, a world leader in the development and deployment of TETRA communication solutions, has announced that its Dimetra IP 7.1 infrastructure and its MTM5400 TETRA mobile radio have successfully passed the TETRA Enhanced Data Services (TEDS) interoperability (IOP) testing conducted by ISCTI.

ISCTI is the Istituto Superiore delle Comunicazioni e delle Tecnologie dell´Informazione, the independent Italian government test house appointed by the TETRA Association. The certificate is an industry first and is another proof point for Motorola’s leadership in TETRA and TEDS digital radio technology.
The certificate was issued 24 June, 2011.
Motorola Solutions’ Dimetra IP 7.1 provides mission critical users with higher-speed access to data including TEDS, improved network security and flexible network capacity and coverage.
The TEDS-Ready MTM5400 TETRA mobile radio provides extended coverage, exceptional audio performance and high-speed data connectivity to address current and future critical communication needs of professional users.
TEDS enables wide scale deployment of mission critical data applications and a richer user experience by combining image, text and voice services to field operatives. TEDS is the only available mobile data standard that can be deployed in wide-area mission critical environments in the 380-430 MHz band where most TETRA systems are deployed.
IOP certification of Motorola´s TETRA products ensures that users can be confident that products awarded an IOP certificate have been rigorously tested and the functions listed in the certificate fully meet the TEDS standard requirements.  
Testing took place at ISCTI´s laboratory in January 2011. The certification and results are available on the TETRA Association Web site.
"We’re excited to be leading the way with TEDS and making TEDS-enabled solutions a reality for our customers, who rely on fast access to visual data, many of whom are currently trialling it in Europe and Asia," says Tom Quirke, VP and GM, Global TETRA Organisation, Motorola Solutions.
"TEDS provides secure, higher speed data results for existing data applications and allows a richer user experience by combining image, text and voice to field operatives. The certification of our Dimetra IP 7.1 infrastructure and MTM5400 radio terminal reaffirm Motorola Solutions’ support for standards and multivendor environments.
"Motorola Solutions is committed to enhance TETRA technology and evolve it for the future needs of its customers."