Ensight has announced the immediate availability of the latest version of its Ensight multi-channel eCRM suite, which introduces a powerful new social media management application called Conversations.

Conversations helps marketers to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their social media engagements across channels such as Facebook and Twitter.
This product is specifically designed to address the social media needs of marketers, rather than public relations or customer support employees. It makes it quicker and easier for marketers to engage with their audiences, measure their success in connecting with customers and prospects, and build up social profiles of the people engaging with and influencing their brands.
With the addition of this application to the suite, Ensight version 4.2 offers marketers the ability to seamlessly manage customer relationships across the Web, mobile, e-mail and social media channels.
Ensight enables marketers to gather information about customers and prospects across these electronic channels and use it intelligently to drive new business.
"Conversations is designed to cut through the noise and clutter and give marketers the functionality and data they need to maximise the potential of social media as a marketing channel. It saves time for marketers and stops social media from turning into a burden," says John Ginsberg, product and marketing director at Ensight.
The Conversations application is designed with a clean interface that gives marketers the social media information that matters to them and nothing else. A split-screen view separates the marketer's social contributions from those of the audience.
With a glance, marketers can see their own social media content and the responses it is generating in real-time. They can see how successful their posts are by the replies, re-tweets, likes, and clicks they attract. They can also see what customers are saying about their brands and companies independently of marketer-initiated content.
In addition, Conversations enables marketers to build up social profiles of the people who engage with the brand via social media. This allows them to start understanding who is important so that they can attempt to influence and reward them. Social profiles can take a range of attributes such as Klout ranking or followers into account and can be segmented using a wide range of criteria.
Conversations is included in the price of the Ensight eCRM suite and is available as a free upgrade to all existing customers.
Ensight version 4.2 also includes a range of other enhancements. With the Ensight PageStream plug-in, companies can easily manage their Facebook page content. Using PageStream's workflow and content creation tools, they can create content (including competitions) and engage with Facebook fans.
The e-mail marketing functionality built into the suite has also been improved with new features that make it even simpler to target customers and prospects, based on historical campaign data.
"With the latest enhancements, the Ensight eCRM suite is a perfect solution for companies that want to track customers and campaigns across multiple digital channels. It enables them to maximise opportunities for engagement with customers and ultimately drive new sales," concludes Ginsberg.