Australia’s Department of Immigration & Citizenship (DIAC) has bought a product developed locally by Bateleur Software to extend the functionality of AdaStrip.

AdaStrip is a utility built by CCA in Australia for the Adabas environment for very high speed extracts of data, typically for data warehousing, creation of test data or reporting applications. DIAC has purchased eStrip and Exits, which are add-ons to AdaStrip.
Bateleur Software CEO Sam Selmer-Olsen comments: “AdaStrip is a very useful Adabas tool that strips data from a file to create a new file. However, once it has been used, there is no easy way of ‘marrying’ the data left in the original file with that contained in the subsequent one.
“eStrip enables users to strip data from a file in which the records are dependent on a previous strip or some external data source. This means that once a ‘parent’ file has been stripped, the ’child’ files can be stripped, and related records end up in the same output file.”
In addition, says Selmer-Olsen, a variety of user exits for AdaStrip are also available. These enable the extracted data to be formatted in various ways – just the thing when one wishes to send the data to a PC.
For example, ZoneDec, which sorts out the negative zoned decimal fields which cause a problem when the data is transferred to a different platform and StripZip, which combines the features of ZoneDec and ZipDitto to convert the AdaStrip output into compressed ASCII data as one smooth operation. This means that the output dataset is smallest and the transmission time to server is short. StripCSV converts AdaStrip output to a comma-separated-value (CSV) format.
“We didn’t really understand how powerful eStrip and StripCSV really are, you have done a champion job,” was the comment from Bateleur’s Australian agent.
Over the years, Bateleur has built several utilities, mainly for the Adabas environment, which are currently used by customers in South Africa, the UK, Europe, Australia and US. It has also sourced solutions from Treehouse Software in the US and CCA Software in Australia, which completed the deal with DIAC.
The mostly recently developed utility is AdaSight, a comprehensive low-overhead performance monitor and analysis system for Adabas on the server platforms for online environments.
Designed to run on most server platforms that support Adabas v6.1 and Natural v6.2x, AdaSight is based on the standard Natural and Adabas facilities provided by Software AG. Currently, it runs under the Solaris 9/10 platform (RISC) but will be released for Windows Server 2003+, Linux i86, IBM AIX v5.3 p-Series and HP/UX 10/11 within a few months.
Benefits of AdaSight to the system administrator and DBA include:
* Ability to monitor the Adabas environment and diagnose poorly-performing applications prior to the being released into production;
* Improved quality assurance due to the ability to monitor programmes during testing phase prior to production implementation;
* Online monitor allows for real-time monitoring with minimal overhead;
* Simple to install and implement; menu-driven means technical staff can be up to speed in a few hours; and
* Summary data allows reports from previous monitoring session to be analysed and reviewed at a later date for comparison purposes.