Web content management specialist Intervate has developed an Open Innovation platform for Eskom.

“In 2004 Intervate implemented – and still supports – an internal site where Eskom Guardians can submit innovative ideas,” says Roy Hobson, practice manager: information worker solutions at Intervate. “When Eskom decided to open up the platform for external use as well, Intervate was approached to design, build and implement the external public web site.
“The pilot project, which will connect Eskom’s internal research and development teams with leading innovators from around the world, went live on 1 June and Intervate’s role is to provide the platform on which to host this project.”
“The Open Innovation Pilot project has been established as a medium through which to engage external stakeholders in supporting Eskom,” explains Kammy Dhaver, Eskom innovation circuit manager. “The involvement of stakeholders and other interested parties is more than just contracting or procurement of goods and services from external suppliers. It entails sharing Eskom's needs and future requirements with external parties, and encouraging them to provide solutions to the challenges we all face.”
The Open Innovation project will enable Eskom to share ideas with local and international organisations in an attempt to identify opportunities and fast track the benefits of innovation to both Eskom and the energy industry as a whole.
The challenges have been launched and can be accessed through the site.